A new Call Center for you

  • CERT Admin
  • Thu Dec 30 2021
  • News
A telephone exchange has been set up to solve your social media related problems. You may report Social Media Issues through 011 2691692 phone number or report@cert.gov.lk email address and your physical attendance at Sri Lanka CERT premises is not essential. This service is currently active from 9am to 8pm on weekdays except mercantile holidays and Poya days.
Please note that Sri Lanka CERT only provides technical support, especially for social media related issues and for any legal assistance please contact Cyber Crime Investigation Division of the Criminal Investigation Department through 011 2432746 or 011 2337432 phone numbers or report@cid.police.gov.lk or socialmedia@cid.police.gov.lk email addresses.

Social Media Issues (Technical Support)
011 2691692

Social Media Issues (Legal Support)
011 2432746/011 2337432
report@cid.police.gov.lk /socialmedia@cid.police.gov.lk
Last updated: Thu Dec 30 2021