Forum of Incident Response Security Teams (FIRST), is the global Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams. It is the premier organization and recognized global leader in computer security incident response. Membership of FIRST enables incident response teams to more effectively respond to security incidents reactively as well as proactively.

FIRST brings together a variety of computer security incident response teams from government, commercial, and educational sectors. FIRST aims to foster cooperation and coordination in incident prevention, to stimulate rapid reaction to incidents, and to promote information sharing among FIRST members and the community at large.

Receiving support from other more established CERTs in the region, namely, Japan CERT (JPCERT/CC), Malaysia CERT (MyCERT) and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Sri Lanka CERT|CC achieved full membership of FIRST in the year 2009.

As a full member of FIRST, Sri Lanka CERT|CC has been closely involved with the activities of this community since 2009. Currently, FIRST has more than 300 members, with a geographical spread over Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Activities with FIRST

Annual general meeting and conference

As a full member of FIRST it is essential to attend the Annual General Meeting in which Sri Lanka CERT|CC has voting rights to elect board members of FIRST. This is considered an essential operational requirement of Sri Lanka CERT|CC.

The annual FIRST conference provides a setting for conference participants to attend a wide range of presentations delivered by leading experts in both the CSIRT field and from the global security community. The conference also creates opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing technical information and management practices.

Annual National CSIRT Meeting

Immediately following the annual FIRST conference, the CERT Coordination Centre at Carnegie Mellon University, USA has been hosting an annual meeting for CSIRTs with national responsibility since 2006. This meeting provides an opportunity for National CERTs responsible for protecting the security of nations, economies, and critical infrastructures to meet and discuss the unique challenges of their roles.

As the national point of contact, Sri Lanka CERT|CC is a member of the National CSIRT community and contribute to these meetings in an active manner.

Information sharing

As a member of FIRST, Sri Lanka CERT|CC receives information related to cyber security on a daily basis. This information is processed and disseminated to our constituency on a need to know basis.