Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress (CAMP) was initiated by the government of the Republic of Korea with the purpose of achieving sustainable benefits of a secure cyber environment and to serve as a platform where members can take collective action to keep cyberspace safe. It was officially launched on July 11, 2016 in Seoul, Korea with 40 organizations from 29 countries. CAMP serves as a network platform to lift-up the overall level of cyber security of the members. The members share development experiences and trends of cybersecurity to accelerate mutual growth as well as contribute to global cyber security development.

As of 2019, CAMP is a 59 member-organization representing 45 countries and this number continues to grow. Government agencies, public and non-profit organizations related to cybersecurity are eligible for CAMP membership.

Sri Lanka CERT|CC has been a member of CAMP since its inception and has been fully involved with the activities of this community since 2016. Apart from that, Sri Lanka CERT|CC was invited to serve as an Operations Committee member of the CAMP since 2018.

Activities with CAMP

Annual General Meeting

The CAMP annual general meeting provides an opportunity for the members to attend a wide range of presentations delivered by leading experts in the cybersecurity community. The AGM also creates opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing technical information and experience.

Regional Forums

At Regional Forums, CAMP delivers customized content related to cyber security which can cater the requirements of the regional members. So far CAMP has conducted regional forums in Southeast Asia, East Asia, West Africa, Central Europe and Central America.

Member of CAMP Operations Committee

CAMP Operations Committee serves as the decision making body for Membership processing, Annual Meetings, Regional Forums and for Information sharing activities. It is also responsible for establishing policies and strategies for the development of CAMP.

At the CAMP annual general meeting in 2019, Sri Lanka CERT|CC was elected to the Operations Committee of CAMP for the term 2019-2020 for the second consecutive year. Other Operations Committee members are Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), CERT-MU (Mauritius), Association of Ecuadorian Cybersecurity, State Technical Service (STS)-Kazakhstan, Technical Assistance Centre - Uzbekistan, Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Safe Internet Centre (SIC) Fiji, Information and Communication Technologies Authority - Turkey and the Arab ICT organization.

Currently, Sri Lanka CERT|CC with ICTA - Turkey are leading the processes and procedures relevant to Membership component in the CAMP Operations Committee.

Information Sharing

In order to provide CAMP members with useful information to increase effectiveness of cyber security in their economies CAMP publishes a quarterly Newsletter. Members can share cyber security related information such as recent events, organizational activities or newly adopted strategies that they wish to promote. Furthermore, CAMP publishes news briefs on latest cyber security threats/trends as and when necessary for the benefit of the members. This information is assessed and disseminated to the constituency on a need to know basis.