Ransomware is a kind of malware (malicious software) that criminals install on your computer without your approval. Ransomware gives criminals the ability to lock your computer from a remote location. Then it will present a pop-up window with a warning that says that your computer is locked and claims that you will not be able to access it unless you pay.

Sality P2P
Sality is a File infecting Virus which can append itself to a Host and have the facility to create backdoors to gain unauthorized access to the infected Computers. It can also embed key loggers in the infected Hosts to steal information like user passwords. Furthermore Sality can make the infected Host a bot, using it to attack other hosts or servers. With the new P2P variation of the Sality, it can control these bots using Peer-to-Peer Networks rather than using Centralized Client-Server Architecture, making it harder to detect and remove the malware.

Zeus is a Trojan horse (Specific Type of Malware) which makes the infected machine a bot and tries to steal Information in the infected machines like credit card information, banking details, login information and other important personal information.

Zeus P2P
It is a variation of Zeus Malware. It is able to do the same exploits Zeus does, but it has further been improved to use P2P (Peer to Peer) Communication instead of bot-to-C&C (Command & Control) Communication mood. This allows the malware to function even when the C&C server has been taken down. This new variant gives each infected bot the ability of working as the C&C server removing the centralized dependency of a C&C Server.

It is a root kit, which is a remote administration utility which bypasses normal security mechanisms to secretly control a program, computer or network. TDSS spreads through peer-to-peer sharing networks or through corrupt websites that carry malicious freeware. TDSS is able to exercise control of the infected PCs and to facilitate fraudulent online activities. These activities range from financial information and password theft to DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.

Same as Zeus, SpyEye is also a piece of malware which makes the infected machine a bot and tries to steal Information like credit card information, banking details, login information and other important personal information. SpyEye also uses the C&C architecture and uses stealth techniques to avoid detection by virus guards.

It is a virus that infects executable files and opens a backdoor on TCP port 65520 by connecting to a predefined IRC server. It capable of making the infected PC a bot and also can gather confidential data from the infected machine

It is a downloader Trojan which can download and install additional malicious software. Once infected it communicates with a Control Server to get additional information and download malicious software

IBM Sterling Connect: Direct for UNIX 4.0.00 and 4.1.0
IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX uses OpenSSL libraries for cryptography and is vulnerable to a security vulnerability discovered in the OpenSSL libraries.

IBM recommends upgrading
IBM System Networking Element Manager ships with IBM Java 7 JRE. This JRE contains a variant of Apache-J XML parser (XM4J) that is vulnerable to a denial of service attack triggered by malformed XML data.

Adobe recommends users update their software installations
Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI (11.0.04) for Windows. These updates address a regression that occurred in version 11.0.04 affecting Javascript security controls. Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.1.8) and earlier versions for Windows are not affected, and all versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat for Macintosh are also not affected by this vulnerability.

General Guidelines to Prevent from Malware

  • Preventing from clicking hostile or suspicious links in emails or on the web
  • Install and keep a regularly updated virus guard
  • Install only trusted software
  • Use strong passwords and keep them secret
  • Never turn off your firewall
  • Use flash drives cautiously
  • Update software and Operating System regularly
  • Browse Internet Responsibly